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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Radio Active #55: After GenCon, Podcamp Philly, MacQuest, Too Many Games

by Ken Newquist / September 12, 2007

 Nuketown Radio ActiveOn this edition of Radio Active I've got some thoughts on GenCon 2007 and Podcamp Philly, catch folks up on what's happening at Nuketown, try and figure out what it takes for me to buy a Mac, discover the BioShock soundtrack, stop by Vegas After Midnight, delve into the D&D Insider, contemplate the Master Plan Podcast and review the pile of gaming goodness I picked up at GenCon.

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • GenCon 2007:
      • Day-by-day accounts of my time at GenCon are available online. I talk about the games I played, the people I met, the experiences -- in game and out -- that I had wandering the world's biggest gaming convention.
      • Overall, it was a fantastic show -- it was fantastic meeting all the podcasters I've been listening to for the last two years, and to finally have faces to go with all the voices.
    • Podcamp Philly
      • I spent Saturday, Sept. 9 at Drexel University, hanging out with Doug Rapsome (GeekAcres) and MA (Better L8 Than NEVR)
      • Only spent a day because a) wasn't sure how good it would be and b) traveling a lot this fall and wanted to spend time with the family.
      • Definitely worthwhile. Some seminars better than others, and not nearly enough workshops, but I learned a lot, it was great meeting fellow podcasters, talking with new people, and just geeking out for a day.
    • Promotional Materials
      • I'm planning on getting some t-shirts made for GenCon 2008 (assuming I'm going). If I do so, I'll probably offer some to listeners as well, either for sale as give aways. If you're interested let me know:
    • Why won't Steve Jobs sell me a Mac?
      • My tale of Mac-buying woe.
    • New on Nuketown
  • Promo: GBN: Goblin Broadcast Network
  • Netheads
    • BioShock Soundtrack
      • I've been losing myself in BioShock for the last three weeks or so, fighting my way through a pseudo-Randian dystopia that's as engaging as it is beautiful.
      • Part of what makes the game so exception is its soundtrack, which is by turns cinematic, classical and terrifying. Now you can enjoy composer's work outside of the game by downloading the soundtrack for free from the BioShock web site.
    • Vegas After Midnight
      • "A pulp-punk dystopian role-playing game, coming soon from Harping Monkey Studios".
      • Based on the Spirit of the Century rules.
      • By Mick Bradley and David Moore.
      • Featuring a world gone bad after some sort of apocalypse has devastated America. I've been fascinated by Vegas as a post-apocalyptic destination since reading The Stand, and I've enjoyed Mick's rambling thoughts on the setting and the short fiction that's been produced to date, so I can't wait to see it in action.
    • Master Plan Podcast
      • A podcast about game design, featuring interviews with professional and amateur game designers.
      • By freelance writer Ryan Macklin.
      • I listened to episode #12, which interviewed the guys behind Bully Pulpit Games. Other episodes have talked about playtesting, designers block, mechanics, as well as interviews with Evil hat Productions, Ashcan Front and Ken Hite.
  • Promo: Groovecast
  • The Backpack of Holding (or … look at all the loot I brought back from GenCon)
    • RPGS
      • Battlestar Galactica RPG (no web site yet): Fight or flee, you'll have to deal with the toasters eventually.
      • Serenity RPG: Role-playing in Joss Whedon's Firefly 'Verse
      • Spirit of the Century RPG: Story-based pulp adventure
      • Savage Worlds Explorers Edition (no web page for this book): New core book for the fast-and-furious system.
      • Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG: Savage Worlds-powered piratical adventures.
      • Hellboy RPG and Source Book: A good-natured demon fights the forces of darkness.
      • Burning Wheel: A fantasy RPG inspired by the likes of the Wizard of Earthsea. May also want to pick up Burning Empires, which is a science fiction implementation of the same ruleset.
    • Accessories
      • New Chessex battlemap and Shadow dice, which are dark black/blue dice with swirls of green, purple, and blue. They're numbered in gold, making them highly readable.
      • Savage Worlds initiative deck and GM screen
      • Fudge Dice
  • This Day in Alternate History
  • Outro
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So, given these revelations - what exactly is the use of Apple maintaining a brick and mortar store again?? :D

A busy gamer dad shares his thoughts on gaming, geek life, and other eclectic topics of the day.

to sell iPods of course!

Actually, the moral of the story is if you want a plain jane Mac, you should be able to get it at the Apple store. If you want something more complicated (bigger hard drive, for example) then call first.

I was very surprised to find they didn't do laptop upgrades on the MacBook Pros; I don't know if that was a function of the size of the store I went to (it was one of the smaller mall stores) or just standing policy for all Apple Stores.

In any case, it wasn't a total bust. I did pick up sets of LEGO Clone Troopers and Droids, thus expanding our LEGO army considerably. Now Jordan and I just have to find time to play with them when Luke isn't around...