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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

GenCon: Day 0

by Ken Newquist / August 15, 2007

Sue dropped me off in Indianapolis at 1 p.m. after deftly navigating around "Janitors for Justice" protest just next to the Indy Hilton. They were protesting someone -- not exactly sure who -- for higher wages and healthcare benefits. After meeting up with fellow Blackrazors Cory and George, we checked into our rooms, hauling my cache of food to the ninth floor and then waiting for the rest of our group to show up.

Gaming Report: Battlestar Galactica RPG Debuts at Gen Con Indy!

by Ken Newquist / August 14, 2007

Gaming Report's announced that Margaret Weis Production's Battlestar Galactica RPG will debut at GenCon 2007. According to the press release:

The Battlestar Galactica RPG uses the Cortex System (the same game rules featured in the best-selling Serenity Role Playing Game) and emphasizes a fast pace, role playing, and character development. Players can join the action as the characters from the show, or create completely original characters independent of the core storyline explored in the television series. The book also reveals information about the universe, ships and space travel, Cylons, and storytelling styles in the BSG universe.

Nuketown at GenCon: The Schedule

by Ken Newquist / August 12, 2007

My schedule for GenCon is coming into phase with reality as I figure out exactly what games I'll be playing, who I'm meeting with, and when I'll be doing it all. The biggest changes to my schedule are the addition of Spirit of the Century and Battlestar Galactica at the expense of my Dungeons & Dragons events. I'll miss playing D&D at GenCon ... but I can play D&D any time. These games I'll only get to play once, or perhaps a handful of times in a short campaign (if I'm lucky).

Radio Active #54: The Road to GenCon is Paved with d20s

by Ken Newquist / August 9, 2007

This time on Radio Active … it's all GenCon, all the time. I'll look at what events are scheduled, how to keep up with happenings at the con, and talk about what I'll be doing at the world's biggest gaming convention.

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Morphed "A Card for You" Hoax Pulls Virtual Bait and Switch

by Ken Newquist / August 6, 2007

An old virus hoax stumbles back to virtual life with a debunking bait-and-switch that points to a real threat, then repeats the same tired warning.

Date Captured: 8/6/07

Subject: Serious Virus Threat per CNN Report Be cautious of this. Here is a link to the snopes page: