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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Radio Active #52: Good Bye Geek Fu, iPod Resurrection, Superheroes, iGTD

by Ken Newquist / July 9, 2007
Artwork: 5th Generation iPod

On this edition of Radio Active my iPod dies and comes back again (in a slightly different form), Geek Fu Action Grip goes on indefinite hiatus and I launch two new superhero blogs chronicling my Mutants & Masterminds campaign.

I also the debate the merits of Tivo vs. Netflix, discover two wikis dedicated to Marvel and DC superheroes, figure out how to Get Things Done on my Mac,  and finalize my summer reading list.

Game Day: Maure Pirates

by Ken Newquist / July 6, 2007

Dozens of pirate ships are coming out of drydock as our gaming group finally gets around to playing Pirates of the Spanish Main, a game that half of us have been collecting for at least three years, but have only played a handful of times.  Meanwhile, the arrival of an old friend from Philadelphia has us returning once again to the mad, dangerous depths of Maure Castle in search of that ever-illusive Total Party Kill.

The Libertarian Gamer: Superheroes!

by Ken Newquist / July 1, 2007

Atlas stood crouched on the launch pad, his arms holding up the bulky form of a $250 million, 1.5 ton communications satellite. He shifted the weight easily, adjusting his grip on the titanium handholds mounted on the satellite's protective shroud, then spoke softly into his headset. "Launch Control, this is Atlas. Ready for orbital insertion." A smooth, crisp, feminine voice replied back. "Confirmed Atlas. T-Minus five minutes to launch. Be advised Farstar is in position as well, and ready for geostationary TP in 10."

Game Day: Mutants & Masterminds, Freedom Blogs, Infinity Storm

by Ken Newquist / June 29, 2007
Book Cover: Freedom City

After much discussion, a half-dozen character building and playtest sessions, four source books and two blogs, my first-ever superhero campaign is launching tonight.  Titled Infinity Storm, the campaign uses Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds d20 superhero system as well as the companies Freedom City campaign setting. It will be run Dark City-style, with action quickly moving from character to character as they explore Freedom City and come into contact with its heroes, villains and citizens.

Do Shadowrun Review Numbers Lie?

by Ken Newquist / June 29, 2007

Gamers with Jobs reports on Shadowrun developer Mitch Gitelman's disappointment with the 7.0 reviews that his game has been getting. He laments that reviewers are being too harsh, have unreal expectations, and don't appreciate the game for being innovative. Having reviewed the game for SCI-FI (and giving it a C+) I figured I'd offer my two cents on this.

Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation

by Ken Newquist / June 28, 2007

I'm sure this seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time. While the naturally animal-loving freak brigade will undoubtedly be out in force over this, this strikes me as one of those things that any of our dads would have done, given similar logistical challenges.

Ok, maybe just my dad. But then again, that's probably why I find the Vacation movies so damn amusing.