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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

CNN: Healthy Coffee Lovers, Drink Up!

by Ken Newquist / March 24, 2007

Need another reason to exercise (other than building that geeky brain)? Then consider this report from CNN: for healthy people, heavy caffeine consumption &em; on the order of six cups of coffee a day &em; had no more effect on their blood pressure than those who abstained from drinking coffee entirely. No word on whether this carries over to Mountain Dew and other essential geek caffeine sources, but one can hope.

Game Day: 5th Year Clix, Lost Dwarves, RPG Glossary, Game Widgets

by Ken Newquist / March 23, 2007

Despite having written Game Day columns the last two weeks, I haven't actually played much. Two weeks ago I was sidelined by pink eye, while last week a March snowstorm destroyed our plans to conquer the world with Risk 2210. This week it's raining, but unless the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers rise up to devour Easton again, we'll be gaming.

Build Your Brain: Exercise

by Ken Newquist / March 22, 2007

Reuters reports on a study that demonstrates exercise builds new brain cells, something of particular interest to 30-something geeks like me since:

Tests on mice showed they grew new brain cells in a brain region called the dentate gyrus, a part of the hippocampus that is known to be affected in the age-related memory decline that begins around age 30 for most humans.

Bum Rush the Charts

by Ken Newquist / March 21, 2007

Bum Rush the Charts is a grassroots effort by bloggers and podcasters to demonstrate the power of independent media by sending one track by an independent artist to the top of the iTunes Music list for a single day (or longer, if possible).

The bum rush begins March 22 at midnight as everyone involved with the effort buys the track "Mine Again" by the band Black Lab. If you buy the track via an iTunes affiliate link on the Bum Rush web site, the organizers will get a cut of the funds, which they're then putting into a college scholarship.

Space Westerns: Open to Submissions

by Ken Newquist / March 21, 2007 is a soon-to-be launched online magazine for "space westerns, science fiction westerns, and western science fiction." Watch a few episodes of Firefly and you'll get an idea of the kind of universe they're planning on exploring.

The site is revving up for its formal debut, and is the process of soliciting submissions. Editor (and long-time friend) N.E. Lilly reports:

"We’re currently collecting stories, artwork, and other content for an April 1st launch. Join our announcement list to get an e-mail reminder for when we launch, and, if you’re interested in providing fiction in any from of media then visit the submission guidelines page for information on current rates and guidelines."

Changing JMeter's Time Stamp Format

by Ken Newquist / March 20, 2007

JMeter is a cool open source tool for evaluating the load performance of web servers. You can setup scripts that have computer-controlled users login to a web site, do something, and then log out, and log the results while it's doing it. This allows you to easily simulate a few hundred people hitting a site simultaneously, which is something I need to do at the day job.