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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Radio Active #6: Dads, Baseball and Sci-Fi, Paul of Cthulhu, The Amityville Horror

by Ken Newquist / May 2, 2005

Spring is here, and with it comes baseball. Watching the Mets with my daughter inspires an admittedly somewhat non-geeky discussion of fatherhood and baseball, but I bring it back to sci-fi with some thoughts on the movie Frequency.

Joining us for this podcast is Paul of Cthulhu, who offers thoughts on H.P. Lovecraft's fantasy work as well as some comments on Radio Active. And finally, a remake of The Amityville Horror is out in theatres. I've got a bit of a rant on that, as well as a comedy sketch parodying the movie from Coyote Radio Theatre.

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Show Notes

  • Opening
    • Mac OS X Tiger is out and look's cool -- spotlight and automater look excellent -- but I'll wait a while to pick it up.
    • Annoyed with companies who are supposed to be getting me review copies, but never seem to get them here on time. Then there are those who send me stuff I'm *not* expecting. It's enough to drive a freelancer mad.
    • Audio Comment from Paul of Cthulhu, of Yog-Sothoth and
  • Dads & Baseball
    • With baseball season now underway in earnest, I decided it was time to get a new Mets cap. Picked up one for me and Jordan.
    • Then this week, got to watch a Mets game with her. Sitting on the couch she noticed the player's hats, and said "My hat! I want my hat!" So I got it for her, and we sat there for 20 minutes or so watching the game. Then she got up, started playing with her own stuff, then paused and looked at TV and said "football?"
    • Great Baseball Movies
      • Frequency: A New York cop suddenly finds he can talk with his long-dead father via a shortwave radio. He's not communing beyond the grave; he's talking to his father, alive in 1969. The 1969 world series -- with the Amazing Mets -- provides a crucial backdrop for the entire movie, which involves father and son tracking down a serial killer in two different decades.
      • The Rookie: Again with Dennis Quaid, this time as Jim Morris, a father, science teacher and baseball coach. In his teens and 20s, he'd wanted to pitch in the big leagues, but blew out his arm. Years later, while coaching, he discovers his arm is better ... much better. His baseball team has the same realization, and urge him to try out for the Majors. He makes a bet that if his kids can win their championship game, he'll try out for Major Leagues. They do, he does, and well, watch the rest for your self.
  • Amityville Horror
    • The Amityville Horror movie trailer
    • Truly, a movie that did not need to be remade. And based on a true story? Just because someone goes on a homicidal rampage and blames it on unseen voices, does not make it "true". Nor do the rather ... debatable ... stories of the family who lived in the house (and who claimed it was haunted).
    • A better 'true" story would be one that takes a serious look at the allegations that the whole thing was a hoax.
    • But at least something amusing came out of the re-release: