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- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Dragon Age, Set 2 available for pre-order

by Ken Newquist / May 2, 2011

 Dragon Age, Set 2 cover artGreen Ronin's Dragon Age: Set 2 is available for pre-order as a print-and-pdf bundle: buy the boxed set for $39.95 and get the PDF for $5. The new set looks like it'll throw some meat onto Dragon Age's efficient skeleton by expanding the game to level's 6-10. It introduces new character options for Grey Wardens as well as specializations for berzerkers, arcane warriors and assasins. There are also new backgrounds, new exploration and role-playing stunts, and 40 new spells.

I really enjoyed Set 1, but I missed some of the advanced options -- like the aforementioned specializations -- from the video game. I briefly leafed through the Set 2 Beta, and liked what I saw; just like the D&D boxed sets of old, the Dragon Age expansions look to add new options just as players want them. I'm looking forward to it.