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Improving Nuketown's Analytics

by Ken Newquist / April 27, 2008

I've made a few tweaks to Nuketown's information gathering capabilities, updating a newer verison of the Google Analytics module for Drupal that includes the ability to track downloads and monitor Drupal search terms. I've also added the FeedBurner module and redirected the primary feed and the podcast feed to FeedBurner.

The upgrades should be transparent to everyone; the old feeds automatically forward to the new FeedBurner ones, so no one should have to resubscribe to anything (or so say my tests with iTunes and the Radio Active feed earlier today).

The ultimate goal here is to get a better grip on download numbers for Radio Active. Analog, Dreamhost's stat crunching program, tells me that Nuketown averages about 8,500 MP3 download requests a month. That seems crazy high to me, and I have no way of knowing how many of those requests failed, and how many successfully completed.

It did raise my curiosity however.

Thus, the new FeedBurner and Google Analytics modules, both of which should tell me more about what's really going on. I've also changed Nuketown's access.log from a 3-day log to a 30-day one, and with all three tools at my disposal I should be able to get a better idea of what Radio Active's audience really is.

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You'll be happy to know that your site is now throwing a javascript error on every page, probably thanks to this change. You'd be well advised to turn Script Debugging on in IE (and FireBug in FF), so that these things are a bit more noticable.

And hey, thanks for the plug for Twiddla in your latest podcast! It's funny that you mention D&D as a potential use for it, since we've actually wasted a little bit of time tricking Twiddla out for gaming users. Try typing "D20" into the chat box some time!

Thanks for the heads up! I have Firebug on my work Mac, but never got around to installing it on my machine at home. I just did, and I'm seeing the error. It's got to be the new Google Analytics module not playing well with my Drupal theme. And actually, I think that points to something I'd meant to figure out this weekend, which is why the module's not tracking downloads -- the answer, I suspect, is the lack of javascript support in my theme.

Ah, another day, another bug. :)

As for Twiddla, you're very welcome. It's a pretty nifty app, all the more so since it's got a dice roller! It'd be perfect if you could upload your own objects (which would also be useful for non-gamer meetings, such as if you wanted to use the whiteboard for flowcharting).