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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Random Thoughts on LOST Season 4

by Ken Newquist / February 22, 2008

Why was the the Looking Glass station setup to connected to Penny's office?

We don't know where Penny, or more specifically, her father and his corporation, fits into the larger LOST conspiracy, but I think its safe to say that Ben is interested in anyone who's interested in the island. My guess is that the Looking Glass station was used as a spy station in addition to being a communication jamming station. It likely uses the island's strange properties to spy on the mainland. Thus the reason why Looking Glass was able to contact Penny; they'd been watching her office all along.

Why did the new arrivals flash back while everyone else is flashing

Because the new arrivals are flashing forward, at least relative to the Island's place in the time stream. It's been clear for a while that time on the island moves differently from that of outside; this was confirmed in Episode 3, Season 4 with the rocket experiment, as well as the teenage Walt's appearance on the Island at the end of Season 3. I don't think that travelling to the island is exactly the same as travelling backwards in time; it's more like it takes you out of the time stream. Think of the island as a rock in the middle of a river; once you stand on it, time just keeps slushing by.

Why does Naimi have a flashforward if she's dead?

This would seem to break the rule that flashbacks are only happening to people living on the island, but I think that death on the island isn't the same as death in the real world. Charlie demonstrates this in Episode 1 of Season 4. If we take him at his word, and I think we should, he's dead ... but he's also able to talk to Hurley. My guess is that if you die on the island, you end up being something like a ghost in the machine; a memory retained by the island that's able to interact with those who live on (as we've seen with Boone and a few others).

If the Island is unreachable, who keeps delivering supplies to the people there?

I think the supplies are delivered automatically from an undiscovered location somewhere on the island. I picture a huge DHARMA warehouse stocked with supplies and built into the side of some mountain. Drones periodically deliver supplies to the DHARMA stations.

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When did Naomi have a flash-forward after she died? She only appeared in the flashback that introduced the Fantastic Four (you know, the befuddled scientist, the grumpy pilot, the cute chick and the cocky smartass?)

I was wondering if the DHARMA supply drops are really, really old drops that are just now making it to the time-shifted island. If it took a missile fired from ~80 miles off shore 31 minutes to get there, how long would a drone launched from thousands of miles away be delayed? I've also wondered if the drops related to the button; so long as whatever the button was supposed to prevent from happening didn't happen, they'd assume the Swan was still manned and send supplies.

As for Looking Glass... I wonder if water dampens the "Island Effect". They were getting on and off the island by sub, and using Looking Glass for communications/jamming.

Here's my new ridiculous and utterly facetious theory: they're all Leapers, and Jacob will be revealed to be Sam Beckett. Lostzilla is Al having transmission problems.

I'll need to re-watch the episode, but I'm thinking specifically of when Naomi was speaking with Mr. Sinister, aka the guy who was organizing the expedition to the island. None of the Fantastic Four were in that meeting, or would have been aware of that meeting.

Assuming Flashbacks only include people on the island, then I assume that's Naomi's.

Timeshifted supply would make sense except ... then the original Swan inhabitants would have gone years without food and supplies while the deliveries were getting timeshifted into the future.

Also, there didn't appear to be much if any time shift when Swan went into lockdown mode; the delivery seemed to show up almost immediately. A launch from else where on the Island would fit that.

The supplies seem to be non-perishable in nature -- lots of canned and sealed boxed goods. I'm thinking whatever the source, this -- plus the DHARMA branding --implies an automated system *somewhere*.

Abaddon eh? That's nicely ominous.

Spoiler Warning

I need to re-visit Ben's motivations for being on the Island in light of Saheed going along with his murderous purge. I'm assuming he's striking back at Mr. Abaddon organization, which I'm guessing he's associated with the coup within the Hanso Foundation who are seeking to purge the Earth of 75% of its population.

I wonder if we'll see the resurgent Foundation appear at the end of this season as the key to returning to the Island? After all, Hanso's supposed to be back in control now after the events of the Alternate Reality Game right?

I was wondering about the supplies myself. Your explanation makes a lot of sense ;)