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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Steady at 196

by Ken Newquist / July 17, 2007

It's been a crazy summer, with a major project that threatens to consume all my working hours, and myriad home improvement headaches around the house that have been eating at my free time (thus the lack of posts around here last week).

The good news is that unlike a similar crush back in the spring, I haven't let the summer's craziness serve as an excuse to not go to the gym. I've been getting there at least two times a week, and often three. I've also been walking to work as many days I as the weather allows. As a result, my weight has been holding steady at 196 lbs, give or take a pound or two.

I'm hoping to start going to the pool at lunch again this week (indeed, this afternoon if I can swing it) but that's a bit more time consuming than going to the gym.

My bigger challenge right now is simply the sore and aching muscles that come from being a 35-year-old geek dad ... particularly a geek dad with a one-year-old who still needs to be carried most places. It's gotten better since I started stretching every morning and Luke started walking, but the dull ache of muscles that have done too much still resonates through my legs and lower back more more often then I'd like (and far more often then in my pre-kid days).

If I'm honest with myself, this is really the sort of thing that yoga's supposed to help with, but I've never been comfortable with the mystical aspects that always seemed to get mixed into what would otherwise be a nice stretch. What I need is something simple, focus, and de-mystified. Call it yoga for geeks. Or failing that ... maybe Klingon calisthenics?

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Maybe Tai Chi, Ken? I know that some of the classes/instructors only focus on the physical benefits and drop the philosophy.

I had actually been looking forward to going to the doctor on Monday. I've been exercising a decent amount on the weekends and felt like I'd been losing weight. I dropped a belt notch, but don't own a scale.

I was very disappointed to see that I'd only dropped a few pounds, to 206. I'm sure I'm building a little muscle along with the lost fat, but I still expected the total to be lower. :(

The good news is that the Zetia and some exercise is working - the cholesterol is down to 196, and my "good cholesterol" level is better. Better living through chemistry...

It's obvious that I need to add some more activity during the week, but our schedule is so frenetic. I think it'll have to be early-morning. I think it's time to get that bike back on the tow path, with maybe some 6am DDR - at least until Wii Fit is released. :) I just wish DDR had some other music besides annoying Jap Pop. There needs to be a rock version...

Oh yes ... I can't wait to get a Wii at some point this year. And exercise is a great excuse for one (though some how I don't think that explanation is going to fly with Sue the Yoga Girl).

Tai Chi is a possibility. I think I need something to get and stay loose, and it might help to relieve some stress. Maybe I'll try it out this fall.

Thanks for the suggestions!