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- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Lifehack: The Stand Up Desk

by Ken Newquist / June 13, 2007

This post at Lifehack about stand-up desks caught my eye. I've found myself working this way at home recently -- we have a jelly cupboard in our library that's about the perfect height for me, and since it's in the middle of our first-floor is the perfect place to check e-mail or work on a project and still keep an eye on the kids.

I've also found it to be more comfortable than sitting because a) after a day of sitting I'm ready to stand for a while and b) chasing and lifting a 1-year-old is hell on the back. It's a barebones setup that's nothing like the desk that Lifehack found -- just a laptop, a mouse and a power cord -- but it's been working for me.

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Looking at my third-floor office space/gaming room now, I'm wondering if a stand-up desk might not solve some of my logistical issues up here. I could put it in one of the knooks, and it would be tall enough that Lucas couldn't get into it. Plus I could use the old desk for Jordan's iMac.

The question becomes finding and/or building it (yes, I'm skeptical of my ability to build a desk as well ... but if I can find plans, I could do it).

While a standing desk wouldn't be great for gaming, I hardly ever game on my Macs any more; that's what the 360 is for. While my new MacBook might change that with a dual boot into Windows, I can always pull up a chair at the dining room or kitchen tables if the need arises.

I need to give this some serious thought.