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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

201 lbs.: Back to the Future

by Ken Newquist / April 3, 2007

I had the oddest sensation last week. I felt like myself. Like my old self. Like I was in college.

No, I'm not nearly as spry at 35 as I was at 22, but my waistline is now nearly the same, and it's the strangest sensation to "remember" how it felt to sit in a chair without my gut bulging over the waist jeans. Mind you, I was never particularly fat, but losing 23 lbs. changes the way everything fits, how you carry yourself, hell, even how you sit.

I should have done this years ago.


You got me beat. I've only managed 10lbs so far. But in my defense at age 15 I was 315 so being 210 at 34 is still a vast improvement. Unfortunately I still need to lose about 35lbls to reach the weight I was at 7 years ago.
I tell my fiance all the time it is her fault that I put on weight and she always says "that's what happens when your are happy." She is just too good of a cook, and it can be hard to resist sometimes.

I've lost some too, thanks in part to the discussion here. I wager I'm 190 and should be 175, but I was higher for a while there. Energy returns, you don't need as much caffeine, sleep gets easier.

...'course I just had two donut holes. D'oh! The struggle never ends!

Congrats, Ken

10 lbs is a good start, and yeah, being at 210 instead of 315 is a tremendous difference. Way to go!

I can see how good cooking would make things more challenging. Not that Sue's a bad cook, but since having the kids we don't have as much time for extensive dinner plans and preparation as we once did.

That said, we're also eating healthier now all around because of the kids -- more veggies, olives, etc. and less take-out or food that's actively bad for you. :)

The return of energy is a nice perk to losing weight. Granted, it's offset by the whole baby-not-sleeping thing, but IMHO it's been a lot easier to deal with Baby #2 after losing the weight.

It also helps your mental game -- it's nice to take a break from kids and work for a while to workout and be in my own world for a while. Granted, you can do the same thing playing your Xbox or D&D but this is definitely healthier ... and gets you out of the house.