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Delta Green Reprint Finally Shipping

by Ken Newquist / November 25, 2006

It's taken an age, but the Delta Green campaign source book for Call of Cthulhu is finally back in print. EOS Press, which is printing the book for Pagan Publishing, announced on their forums that the main shipment of books will arrive in December and should be available in January 2007. According to EOS' web site, the new edition is hardbound and has the traditional Basic Role-playing Game (BRP) stats and d20 stats compatible with the d20 version of Call of Cthulhu.

I'm sorely tempted to get it, even though I already have the original version, just to be able to run the d20 incarnation of the game. My own Delta Green campaign has been stalled for an age, and this could be the thing that gets it restarted.


It's dual stat -- it has everything from the original book, using the BRP system material, as well as d20 stats for that incarnation of the game. Their original intent was to get the game out much closer to when the d20 version was released (of course, that was back when Chaosium was still promising d20 Pulp Cthulhu...)

Yeah, though I think I'd stick wtih BRP rather than d20, and just use my regular source books (if only the automatic weapon fire rules weren't so broken -- though I should re-read them, maybe we were doing something wrong).

I'd love to run DG again, but the biggest problem is finding the time -- we'd either need to do it on a Friday and not invite half the group, or run it on some odd-ball Saturday or weekknight. DG just won't work with 6-7 players; it's MUCH better with 3.