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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Radio Active #35: Eberron Music, Vintage Gamer, Geek Activism

by Ken Newquist / August 8, 2006

 City of Towers This show features a Radio Active first as I do a game and music review of the same product: Wizards of the Coast's Sharn: City of Towers for the Eberron campaign setting. The show has a ton of listener feedback from Radio Active #34, as well as a review of the Vintage Gamer podcast, a discussion of the 95 Theses of Geek Activism and a link to a conversation between two famous geeks: Zack Braff of Scrubs and Garden State fame and Kevin Smith, known for his films Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma.

Getting the Podcast

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Show Notes

  • Intro
    • "Cut to the Chase" track from the rpg sourcebook of the same name.
  • Nuketown News
  • Promo: Bear's Grove Promo
  • Sites of Note
    • The Vintage Gamer
      • Reviews of classic board, card and role-playing games by Jim Van Verth, who's married to Mur Lafferty of Geek Fu Action Grip. Reviews games such as:
        • The book-vs.-book Ace of Aces
        • The ancient strategy game M.U.L.E.
        • The board game Acquire.
        • The board game Fury of Dracula
    • 95 Theses of Geek Activism
        • Reclaim the term ‘hacker’. If you tinker with electronics, you are a hacker. If you use things in more ways than intended by the manufacturer, you are a hacker. If you build things out of strange, unexpected parts, you are a hacker. Reclaim the term.
        • The true enemy is the line: “If you haven’t done anything wrong, what do you fear?”
        • Treating your customers like criminals- or potential criminals- will turn customers away.
    • Zach Braff interviews Kevin Smith
  • Promo: GOBLIN Gaming Network
  • Game & Music Review: Sharn: City of Towers
    • By Keith Baker and James Wyatt
    • 192 pages
    • Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
    • Buy it from Amazon:
    • The Game Review
      • Eberron is Wizards of the Coast's pulpy, noir-inspired campaign setting for Dungeosn & Dragons
      • Sharn: City of Towers details the setting's largest metropolis. It describes over 100 city districts, a dozen new guilds/organizations, loads of NPCs, extensive maps.
      • Good book for anyone running an Ebberon campaign, giving enough information to run a half-dozen campaigns in the city, or to provide a base of operations for a world-spanning one.
      • Also good for DM's looking for inspiration for their own urban campaigns, or for a resource that they can lift whole locations from. Eberron isn't so different from normal D&D that the content in this book can't be used elsewhere with a few tweaks.
      • No index, which is its single greatest fault. All RPG books need indexes! But fortunately you can download the index from Keith Baker's Web site:
    • The Music Review
  • Outro
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Loved the music from Eberron that you played. It was refreashing and got be going again after a busy and mentally draining work day. It just made my day better as I walked out of work and headed towards my car and the music started rolling... life just seemed better. Also enjoyed the read of the 95 Theses of Geek Activism, had heard about this before but had not gotten over and read it before. Keep the shows coming, I look forward to hearing your show on my daily comute!
Random Thoughts about nothing

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm definitely planning on doing more music reviews in the future, and it's always good when folks comment about whether they liked it -- in the long run I think that'll help me get more review material (and permission to play the music in the podcast).