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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Film & TV

Muddling through X-Men 3's Final Stand

by Ken Newquist / June 2, 2006


When Bryan Singer left the X-Men franchise to direct Superman Returns, I couldn't help but feel a little dread. The first X-movie got off to an uneven start (mutagenic wave? killing off Senator Kelly?) but was ultimately satisfying. X-Men 2 succeeded on all fronts, evoking the comic books, introducing new characters, and telling a satisfying story.

And now we have X-Men: The Final Stand, a movie which struggles mightily with an ever-larger cast and myriad plots meant to satisfy diehard fans and newbies alike. Unfortunately, the plots and the characters caught up in them never managing to gel cohesively, ending with a movie that's the cinematic equivalent of one of veteran X-scribe Chris Claremont's rambling, multi-year, never-quite-explained plots.

Libertarian Science Fiction

by Ken Newquist / May 1, 2006

The impetus behind this page was a speech I gave at a meeting of the Pocono Libertarians a few years back on "Libertarian Themes in Science Fiction." As a life-long science fiction fan, and later a libertarian, the unity of the two subjects always seemed obvious to me. But at that meeting I discovered that many of my fellow libertarian-minded citizens either hadn't heard of the books and movies I was mentioning, or hadn't thought of them in a libertarian light.

Over the years, Nuketown has evolved into an increasingly libertarian webzine, but it never had a full-blown section dedicated specifically to the intersection of libertarianism and sci-fi. Now, with this page, it does.

King Kong's Triumphant Roar

by Ken Newquist / December 20, 2005

King Kong is every 12-year-old boy's dream -- an epic, larger-than-life adventure tinged with horror and managing to make the silver screen look too small to contain it. Plus, it's got a 25-ft tall gorilla fighting dinosaurs.

The story of King Kong is well known, and the surprises in this film come from execution rather than plot. The question is not what will happen uat what new wonders Peter Jackson will show us, and oh, what wonders there are!

Discovering Why Michael Moore Hates America

by Ken Newquist / October 15, 2005

This is not the movie you think it is. If you're on the right, you're probably thinking that this is a gleeful bashing of filmmaker Michael Moore. And if you're on the left, well, you're probably thinking this is a gleeful bashing of filmmaker Michael Moore. It's not a love letter to the controversial director, but it's not nearly the hatchet job folks might be expecting. In fact, while the documentary focuses on Michael Moore, it ends up being more about personal integrity and self-discovery than a quest to hunt down the elusive Moore.