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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG


Vegas After Midnight / Oct 11, 2008

The apocolypse has come and gone. Midnight's fallen across the land, and the survivors is clinging to whatever scraps of civilization they can find. One of those scraps is Las Vegas, a desert oasis that's some how managed to hold back the sands of destruction. Vegas After Midnight is a role-playing game by Harping Monkey Studios that takes place in this ruined Vegas. The game, which is based on the Spirit of the Century variant of FATE, is currently in development, and saw its first playtests at GenCon 2008.

Mars Society / Sep 29, 2008

A private organization committed to the exploration, colonization and exploitation of Mars.

Planetary Society / Aug 28, 2008

A private organization dedicated to promoting the exploration of outer space. Includes news about society campaigns, editorials, and news about space-related events.

Gateworld / Sep 28, 2008

A web site dedicated to chronicling every aspect of the Stargate continuum, from the original SG-1 series to the new Stargate Universe spinoff. The site includes upcoming TV air dates, episode guides for SG-1 and Atlantis, interviews with series' creators and stars, an extensive image archive, fan fiction, forums, and a massive omnipedia of Stargate facts.

OgreCave / Mar 17, 2013

OgreCave is a multi-person blog offering news and commentary about tabletop gaming in all of its myriad incarnations, from board games to role-playing games to card games.

DragonDex / Mar 18, 2013

An index of Dragon Magazine upto and including its final print issue, #359. Includes article list by spells, characters, monsters, magic items and more. It's an essential resource for anyone trying to remember exactly when a particular article appeared in the the magazine, and has helped me mine my archive for adventure ideas and background material.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact / Aug 18, 2008

Analog is a tremendous publication, a long-running flagship of science fiction that never fails to impress and inspire me. It combines excellent fiction -- often with hints of libertarian thought sprinkled in -- with well-written, understandable science stories. This is hard SF at its very best. The Web site reprints some of the magazine's monthly columns, and features the full-versions of those stories nominated for speculative fiction's top honors. Like its sister magazine Asimov's, Analog's Web page isn't tremendous, but it works.

Greyhawk Grognard / Aug 17, 2008

A blog about delving into the depths and unexplored corners of the World of Greyhawk, with occasional sidetrips into war gaming, movies, and gaming life. I've particlarly enjoyed the posts about DMing into the Depths of the Oerth", Yav Xeret's Whistle of Ill Luck and the rundown of Grekyhawk miniatures (I didn't even know Greyhawk had it's own mini line).

Black Gate / Jul 29, 2008

Black Gate is a quarterly print magazine committed to the universe of epic fantasy. Each edition features news, reviews, articles and interviews encompassing everything from books to comics to movies. The web site features news about upcoming editions as well as the occasional review of a fantasy novel, magazine, or anthology.

SF Site / Jul 25, 2008

SF Site is a bi-weekly webzine dedicated to reviewing fantasy and science fiction books and magazines. It also offers a smattering of TV and movie reviews, as well as staff editorials.

Locus Online / Jul 25, 2008

The Web counterpart to Locus' print edition sees a regular stream of news, commentary reviews about speculative fiction and its associated industry.

SFF World / Jul 21, 2008

SFF World offers a hodgepodge of science fiction offerings including reviews of newly-released books, interviews with authors, year-in-review columns, staff blogs, and short fiction. There's also a community discussion forum.

Planewalker / Jun 23, 2008

Planewalker is a fan-created web site for TSR's old Planescape campaign setting. Based in Sigil, City of Portals, the campaign setting was released in 1994 and took players on a grand tour of the Inner, Outer and Elemental Planes, introducing them to realities that are changeable based on philosophy and belief. The web site hosts community forums, and extensive database of Planescape materials, downloadable reference guides, and much more.

Strange Horizons / Jun 6, 2008

Updated weekly, this webzine hosts speculative fiction articles, columns, reviews, interviews as well as original fiction, poetry and artwork. It's posts often dig deeper than simple reviews, offering commentary and insights into speculative fiction and geek culture make it well worth checking out each week.

Anotherealm / Jun 2, 2008

Anotherealm has been publishing short and flash fiction since 1997. It's updated quarterly and features stories in the science fiction, horror and fantasy genres.