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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Star Wars: Saga Edition

GameCryer: The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide Reviewed

by Ken Newquist / February 12, 2009

My review of The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide for the Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG is up on This book covers the "Dark Times" or "Rise of the Empire" era that runs from the execution of Order 66 and the establishment of the Galactic Empire up through the Rebellion era.

Game Day: Random Stellar Encounters II

by Ken Newquist / January 30, 2009

Another week, another game of Star Wars. The adventure rolls on with a special flashback episode. Last week, our band of heroes learned of 32 Belasco Division E-company (aka the Early Birds), an Old Republic Army advance assault unit that went missing on Toprawa during the Great Sith War. This week, we'll be playing soldiers in the Early Birds, allowing us to learn first hand what happened to the division.

Game Day: Random Stellar Encounters

by Ken Newquist / January 17, 2009

We played our first Star Wars game since December on Friday. Prepping the session had me digging through my various web resources looking for inspiration (and new entries for the campaign blog). They're a useful collection of tools for anyone running a Star Wars/scifi game, so I thought I'd share them.

Game Day: Enter the Sith

by Ken Newquist / December 14, 2008

After five sessions of fighting pirates and swoop bike gangers, the heroes of my Knights of the Old Republic campaign went up against their first Sith: Kaldros Ygin, an arrogant self-assured student of the Dark Lady Aldera. I've been dropping hints over the last few weeks that Ral Duris, leader of the pirates of Zebulon Prime, had a Sith advisor. Ygin was the first evidence that she might not be the only Darksider on the Prime.

Storm the Galaxy with the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

by Ken Newquist / November 20, 2008
  • [img_assist|nid=2712|title=Knights of the Old Republic Cover Art|desc=Cover art for the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide from Wizards of the Coast.|link=none|align=right|width=262|height=300]Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
  • Published by Wizards of the Coast
  • Designers: Rodney Thompson, Sterling Hershey, John Jackson Miller and Abel Pena;

D&D 4E to Star Wars Creature Conversions

by Ken Newquist / November 19, 2008

One area where Star Wars: Saga Edition could use some help are its creatures. There are certainly a number of them out there, particularly the iconic ones from the movies, but the system tends to come up a little short with more mundane critters.

Game Day: Bloggers of the Old Republic

by Ken Newquist / November 14, 2008

[img_assist|nid=2750|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=163]Three weeks into our new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic campaign it became obvious: we needed a blog. Or at least, I needed a blog.

Even without leaving the Vargis Tau star system and its binary world of Zebulon we'd still managed to accumulate a dozen-odd NPCs, three or four ships, three adventure write-ups, a handful of locations. While I had references to all this stuff on my computer, it was in the form of adventure notes, and not readily browseable.

Importing 4E Skill Challenges into Star Wars: Saga Edition

by Ken Newquist / November 11, 2008

Skill challenges were one of the best things to come out of our D&D 4th Edition playtest.  Building on earlier versions that appeared in Spycraft and Unearthed Arcana, skill challenges provided an in-game mechanic for resolving non-combat conflicts and complex tasks.