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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Star Wars Roundup: Saga Edition Cancelled, Sniper Feat, Travel in Star Wars

by Ken Newquist / February 3, 2010

Without a doubt, the big news Star Wars this month is the announcement that Wizards of the Coast is not renewing its Star Wars license and is ending the Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG and Star Wars Miniatures product lines. It's a sad day for Star Wars gamers but I suspect that the game will continue to have a small but fierce following in coming years, just like West End's d6 Star Wars does.

In happier news, Galaxy of Intrigue was released in late January, and we have one more source book -- The Unknown Regions -- before the end of the line

WotC Role-Playing Game.


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  • Saga-Edition: Expert Assassin: A talent that allows assassins to make a ranged coup-de-grace attacks against an unsuspecting target.
  • Soresu Sweep [lightsaber form]: A lightsaber form feat that allows you to deflect multiple blaster shots with a single sweep of your lightsaber. Given the potential effectiveness of this feat, I'm thinking the base DC should be higher, but we haven't tried it yet.


Hey, thanks for including the report on the PTA Sith game I ran. I will have the write up on the last session up sometime this month and then the whole game will be documented!

You're welcome, and I look forward to reading about it!

It's sad to see it go... Saga was the first RPG I ever played, and I bought it because the rulebook looked a lot like the mechanics from the Knights of the Old Republic games.

I mainly wanted to say thanks, Newquist, for mentioning! We're trying to spearhead the effort to keep the system going as a fanmade game, and we appreciate your posts about our material. Thanks.