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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Role-Playing Games

The GM Has Had It

by Ken Newquist / October 26, 2008


This is brilliant. And yes, I have occasionally felt this way. I have no idea who came up with this poster (and unfortunately can't remember the blog where I first saw it) but I think it's a sentiment that just about every GM has felt at one point or another, especially when a particularly bad intra-party fight breaks out.

RPG Reviews Digest: 3rd Party 4E, Champions, Hero, Against the Darkness

by Ken Newquist / October 23, 2008

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition has been getting some more reviewer love the last few weeks as another wave of third-party products hits the shelves. The two notable books are Advanced Player's Guide (Expeditious Retreat Press) and Forgotten Heroes: Fang, Fist and Song (Goodman Games), and both are looking to fill the void left in D&D 4E by the omission of barbarians, druids and bards.

Star Wars: Saga Edition - Annotated Playtest #1

by Ken Newquist / October 22, 2008

Our Star Wars: Saga Edition campaign kicked off on Friday with our first full-fledged Knights of the Old Republic session. Since my Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Annotated Playtest went over so well  I decided to do the same for this Saga Edition.

Game Day: Dawn on Zebulon

by Ken Newquist / October 17, 2008

Our first official Star Wars Game Day is upon us. After two weeks of playtesting starship combat, we're launching into a first-level prelude campaign with about half of our regular players in attendance (the other half having family/work commitments).

Set in the time of the Knights of the Old Republic, the campaign begins on the Outer Rim binary planet of Zebulon in the Vargis Tau system. Zebulon's comprised of two worlds: the primary, Zebulon Prime, and its sister/moon, Zebulon Beta. The later of these is home to the Jedi academy that will serve as home base for the Jedi in the campaign.

World Building

As with our Dark City D&D campaign, hashing out our Star Wars universe is going to be something of a group effort. Frequent commenter  (and longtime campaign member) Erilar worked up this excellent overview of Zebulon after I tweeted the name on Twitter:

Due to its slow orbit around "the Prime", "Zeb" Beta loses one day of sunlight every two months, dropping the temperature of the planet 50 degrees and treating the inhabitants to 75 hours of darkness and snowy chill – a fact of life that Beta denizens have always called simply, the Darkness.

Radio Active #73: The Cold Touch of Autumn

by Ken Newquist / October 15, 2008

[img_assist|nid=2708|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=125|height=125]The kids are getting over colds and we've got another round of home improvement under our belts as Nuketown Radio Active returns for more adventures in geek parenting. In this episode I've got a run down the video games I'll playing over the next few weeks, I take a look at Green Ronin's new Wizards and Warlocks role-playing game and find kindergartners playing chess with spaceborne astronauts.

Game Day: Shopping for a Star Wars KOTOR campaign

by Ken Newquist / October 11, 2008

[img_assist|nid=2712|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=109|height=125]Our Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic campaign is kicking off next week.

That fact, combined with the timely arrival of a gift certificate to, has me shopping for some last-minute tools and goodies, including game master screens, battle maps, miniatures, soundtracks, and background material in the form of graphic novels and video games.

Crafty Games plans Mistborn RPG

by Ken Newquist / October 9, 2008

Cool news on the RPG front from Crafty Games; they're going to be releasing a game based on the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (otherwise known as the guy who's completing the Wheel of Time series). It's piqued my interest in the trilogy, but I'm more interested in seeing how they'd adapt the Spycraft mechanics to a fantasy realm.  Here's the press release:

'Delta Green: Eyes Only' Paperback Release

by Ken Newquist / October 1, 2008

The paperback version of Delta Green: Eyes Only has been released. Eyes Only features the content of the three hard-to-find (ok, at least I never found them) DG books Machinations of the Mi-Go, The Fate, and Project Rainbow. It's also got some scenarios for the game.

Radio Active #72: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

by Ken Newquist / September 28, 2008

 Nuketown Radio ActiveRadio Active #72 contememplates the best way to organize a geeky bookshelf, takes another turn at chess with kids, finds out that Neutron Lad has a lot to talk about, asks questions about Nuketown's long-dormant RADIATIONS newsletter and finally reviews Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, the latest edition of the venerable role-playing game by Wizards of the Coast.