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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars RPG, Launches Beta

by Ken Newquist / August 23, 2012

 Edge of the EmpireA year after announcing they secured the licence, Fantasy Flight Games released details on their upcoming Star Wars Role-Playing Game and launched a beta test.

There's not much in the way of details about how the game is played. Based on the beta FAQ, it apparently uses custom dice like Warhammer Fantasty; the beta book apparently includes stickers you can put on your own polyhedral dice to emulate the final dice.

The first book is called Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and focuses on fringers, scoundrels, bounty hunters and others who live on the outskirts of galactic society. The second book is Star Wars: Age of Rebellion is set during the classic Rebellion era depicted in the original Star Wars movies, while the third book -- Star Wars: Force and Destiny seems to take place during the Rise of the Empire era (between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope). There's no word of support for other eras; I'm guessing that'll be dependent on how well the initial line goes.

The beta for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire is different from the Pathfinder beta or Wizards of the Coast's open playtest for D&D Next in that it's not free; you need buy the beta book for $29.95. The beta book is a 224 page, softcover book; there's no word of whether a PDF of the beta will be available as well. Visit the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire beta web site for more information.

I'm curious about the game, but not enough to spend $29.95 on the beta, particularly without any prospects for actually getting to play the game. My group's pretty focused on our Pathfinder campaign right now and while we might want to take a break at some point I doubt that will sync up with the Fall 2012 timeline for Fantasy Flight's beta.


Did you notice that FFG's 2nd game is titled the same as my SW hack of Dragon Age? Age of Rebellion... Geez.... At least I know who came first... :)

Yeah, I noticed that. :)

I'm not sure what to think of their approach to these books. It seems like an awful lot of content for the Rebellion Era, but perhaps it's meant to span from the end of the Clone Wars through to the Battle of Endor, rather than the narrow focus of the 1st movies.

Of course there is a tremendous amount of information out there for the Rebellion era, and I have no doubt they'd be able to fill it, but I did like WotC's one book, one era approach.