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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Game Day

Game Day: Our Last 4th Edition Game

by Ken Newquist / August 29, 2008

Today is the last day of our D&D 4th Edition playtest campaign. After adventuring across two Alternative Material Planes and Sigil, City of Doors, we've decided to leave the game with a bang. We've advanced our heroes from 2nd to 9th level to try out some higher level play as they liberate the ancient ziggurat of Tal-Zek from the undead menace that's occupied it.

The end of the campaign also means the end of our experiment with 4th Edition as the group voted not to convert our regular campaign to 4E. There were many reasons for the collective no vote, but in the biggest one was simply that the group felt that the changes in 4E Edition are just far too sweeping to be compatible with the spirit and style of our long-running World of Greyhawk campaign.

Game Day: Weighing a 4E vs. Pathfinder Campaign Conversion

by Ken Newquist / August 16, 2008

It’s appropriate that the Pathfinder RPG Beta would be released while my gaming group’s taking a two-week break from our D&D 4th Edition playtest. During the hiatus we’re tying up some loose ends in our D&D 3.5 Dark City campaign, which is a role-playing intensive, urban campaign set in the World of Greyhawk.

Game Day: Comparing 3E vs 4E DM Prep Times

by Ken Newquist / August 8, 2008

This week's game sees us returning to our Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition roots after weeks of beating up 4th Edition in our Planetorn playtest campaign. The playtest's not over, just on hiatus because of real-world player obligations, and this pause is giving us a chance to go back and tie up some loose ends in our other campaigns.

Game Day: Halfway through the D&D 4E Playtest Campaign

by Ken Newquist / July 25, 2008

We're about halfway through our Planetorn play-test campaign, with the fourth session happening today, and perhaps another three or four to go before it runs its course. This milestone has me reflecting on where the campaign's been, where it's going, and what I hope to accomplish before it's all over.

Game Day: The D&D 4th Edition Campaign Launches

by Ken Newquist / June 20, 2008

Today's the official start of our Dungeons & Dragons 4th mini-campaign, Planetorn. It's our testbed for 4th edition, and I expect the campaign to run about five to eight sessions, or until the end of the summer, which ever comes first.

Since this is the first night of the campaign I don't have time for a proper Game Day column, but I figured I'd post a few 4E friendly links:

Game Day: How I learned to stop fearing and love D&D 4E

by Ken Newquist / June 6, 2008

Ok, maybe "love" isn't the right word. "Tolerate" might be better, but the sentiment is the same: for the first time in months, I'm looking forward to my gaming group's playtest of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

First, some background. My gaming group's been together for 12 years and we've played in the World of Greyhawk that entire time. We've had a bunch of different campaigns, adventuring in our home grown city of Obsidian Bay, dealing with the rising threat of the Temple of Elemental Evil, and liberating the Grand Duchy of Geoff from the giant menace, but all that time we were in Greyhawk.

So yeah, our gaming group has some serious history.

Game Day: Launching into the Weird

by Ken Newquist / May 9, 2008

The year is 1936 and there are strange happenings afoot in the world. Corners of the map that remain unexplored. Creatures from out of legend that hunger for human blood. Artifacts of great power that could change the shape of the world. There are those who would exploit these strange things to rule over the world of man ... and there are those who would stop them. The National Exploration Society is comprised of the latter.

Game Day: Mashing the Weird Pulp

by Ken Newquist / May 3, 2008

Our long-discussed, long-delayed Weird Pulp campaign should invade our gaming table sometime this month or next. The game will feature myself and occasional Nuketown commenter Erilar team-GMing a 5-6 episode campaign set in the mid-1930s. The Nazi threat is only just beginning to rear its head, and full-out war still hasn't broken out in Europe.