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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Welcome to Nuketown Radio Active!

by Ken Newquist / January 15, 2007

Nuketown Radio Active is a twice-a-month podcast dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of geekdom. The show features geek, technology and gaming links from around the Web as well as book, movie, game and podcast reviews.

The podcast has been published since March 2005 and is hosted by Ken Newquist, Nuketown's editor and founder. A web developer by day, he's also a freelance staff writer for Knights of the Dinner Table and


Nice, tricked-out take on the podcast icon at the bottom right. Very smooth!

Thanks! Nathan Lilly, a long-time friend of my, a kickass artist and the guy behind, came up with it. I've been using it as the cover art on the MP3 files, but it took Erilar's nudging for me to remember to put it up on the Radio Active page. :)

Sure -- feel free to use it. There's low and high res versions on this page.

I shovel in your general direction! Your motherrr was a macintosh and your fatherrrr smelled of ipods!

Thanks! I appreciate that ... and your post reminded me to add a "Digg us!" link to the podcast page. :)

Just linked in from Yog sothoth, really good podcasts, going to have to go through the
archives now!



Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words about the podcast. Things have been a bit slow around here lately, but you did stop in just in time to get the first new show in a few weeks. :)

Yog Sothoth is, of course, a most excellent podcast in its own right, and many thanks to Paul and the crew for playing the Radio Active promo. :)


Hi Kenneth,
Just got up to 13 on the archives (it's headphones on at work, so have plently of listening time), but it must be unlucky for some, because I can't seem to download from 13 up to about 30 'ish...are they missing in action?

all the best!


Hmmm. Odd, but something could have gone wrong during an upgrade -- I also had issues with images during the last one, so I'll see what I can see. Thanks for reporting this! 

I fixed the archives. I turns out a redirect I had in place to make sure the archived links still worked got overwritten during an upgrade. It's fixed now, so all of the older episodes should be accessible now.