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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG


by Ken Newquist / June 10, 2006

Editor & Publisher

Ken Newquist has been publishing Nuketown since its beginning in 1996. He's also its most frequent contributor. He's a 1994 graduate of Lock Haven University, and spent several years working in newspapers (first as a reporter, then as an online editor) before moving to become the webmaster at a small liberal arts university in New Jersey.

He is a frequent contributor to's Science Fiction Weekly webzine and writes the monthly "Summon WebScryer" column for Kenzer & Co.'s Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. He has also written for Inside Mac Games, SF Site, and Uncle Bear.

Staff Openings

We're always looking for help at Nuketown. The current volunteer positions (hell, everything around the ol'burg is volunteer) are available:

  • Books Editor
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  • Contributors

What do these editors do? Well, they write occasional reviews and such for the zine, submit interesting netheads and links, and generally keep their sections current. If you're interested, use this form to drop us a line.

What do contributors do? Pretty much what the editors do, but without all that pesky responsibility. Blog entries, reviews, links, reviews, and features are all assignments that contributors can tackle. Check out our non-fiction guidelines to learn more; use this form to contact us if you're interested.