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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Paizo Launches Pathfinder Novel Line

by Ken Newquist / February 28, 2010

Paizo Publishing is launching a fiction line to support the Pathfinder RPG and Pathfinder Campaign Setting. TSR/Wizards of the Coast had good luck with this strategy, and it only makes sense that Paizo would give it a try.

The first two books on the schedule are:

  • Winter Witch by Elaine Cunningham (September 2010)
  • Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross by Dave Gross (October 2010)

These will be "300-page mass market paperback novels", to be sold through hobby shops and book stores for $9.99, but you'll also be able to subscribe through As is the case with the Pathfinder adventure paths, those who subscribe will get free digital copies of the books.

Aside from Dragonlance, I've never been one for game-related fiction and I'm still on a big science fiction kick right now. As such, I'm more likely to want to pick up one of Paizo's Planet Stories books, but I am curious to see how this new fantasy line shakes out.


you may want to check out Eric Flint's 1632. It is not Sci-Fi, but it includes excellant political drama

I'm good on fiction right now -- I need to finish The Cole Protocol (a Halo universe book) and the Space Opera Renaissance, not to mention a half-dozen RPG source books (I'm looking at YOU Rogue Trader).

What's 1632 about anyway? Is it historical fiction (or alt-historical fiction?)

1632 is alterate history ficton. It is a what if story. In this case, what if we take a 3 mile diameter scoop of modern WV, complete with town, power plant and 3,000 people, and stick it in the middle of 17th century Europe. It really is a cool concept, and even though some of the characters are merely archetypes of philosophic ideas (and therefore somwhat lacking on 'humanity') it still works. A really great idea for a RPG!