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- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Pinball Wizards Convention Scheduled for May 1-3, 2009

by Ken Newquist / March 31, 2009

The 16th annual Pinball Wizards convention is being held May 1-3, 2009 at Allentown Fairgrounds AgriPlex. How I managed to miss this for the first 15 years it was held, I have no idea, but I've got to figure out a way to go this year. They've got game tournaments for adults and kids, a pinball-related flea market, vendors, machines for sale and a whiole slew of pinball machines (about half of Ag Hall, from what I hear) that you can play as part of the admission price.

Admission for adults is $15.00 per day while children (6-12) get in for $6.00 per da. Learn more about it at