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Baseball Nerds Unite: IronPigs Host Star Wars Night

by Ken Newquist / May 2, 2009

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs -- the AAA affiliate of the Philadelpha Phillies -- is hosting a Star Wars night. That's right: Star Wars. And baseball. On the same night!

The event is being held Thursday, June 11, 2009 from 5:45pm - 10:45pm at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pa. According to the team's Facebook page, fans are invited to dress up in Star Wars costumes for the event, but that level of geekery is not needed. There will also be Star Wars triva and movie clips between settings and a "Pig Wars" commemorative cup.

While I'd love to go, I'm already going to a game two days later, on Saturday. I don't know that I can justify two games in one week ... but I'm sorely tempted.

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If it were on Saturday then I just might go. (Phils 6 Mets 5)

After going to Saturday's game, I'm even more tempted to go to this one. They were playing lots of great movie clips (albiet sports related ones) and I could just imagine how much fun they could have with Star Wars.

I mean, it's only $9...