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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

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Weird Science

by Ken Newquist / September 3, 2003

I've been listening to some 80s Internet radio stations at work recently (no doubt reaffirming my ... eccentric ... taste in music with certain individuals in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign) and I've been hearing some old classics like "Weird Science", "She Blinded Me With Science" and "The Future's So Bright I've Got To Wear Shades".

And it got me to thinking about the various 1980s movies that involved slightly-mad, but usually benevolent scientists creating marvelous new inventions. Said inventions usually went somewhat amok, but everything worked out in the end.